Upper Willamette River Floodplain, COA 061

Upper Willamette River Floodplain
Photo Credit: Bernadette Graham-Hudson, ODFW

This area includes the Willamette River floodplain from South of Springfield in the Dexter/Lowell area north to Albany.

COA ID: 061

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

Special Features


  • A large and diverse area of floodplain, river confluences, gravel bars, islands, bottomland hardwood forest, wetlands, wet prairies, sloughs, Oregon white oak, and conifer forest
  • Floodplain wetlands provide valuable habitat for large numbers of wintering waterfowl
  • High restoration opportunity potential
  • Oregon Parks and Recreation Department owns and manages significant portions of the floodplain as part of its Willamette Greenway network of properties.
  • Reproducing populations of red-legged frog northwestern pond turtle and western painted turtle
  • The section from the McKenzie River north to the Calapooia River has the greatest potential to return natural river functions along the mainstem Willamette. This extensive reach supports the greatest aquatic biodiversity, with actively moving channels and extensive floodplain and forests. This reach has the largest acreage of hydric soils that could be potentially restored to high quality wetland and riparian habitats. It also holds significant value for numerous rare and endangered species including nesting bald eagles, northwestern pond turtles, and red-legged frogs, and provides important seasonal habitat for salmon and steelhead. Ninety percent of the remaining rearing habitat for native spring chinook salmon is found between the McKenzie River confluence and Harrisburg.
  • There are ongoing large-scale habitat restoration and protection efforts for river floodplain, wetland, riparian, and associated upland habitats by Greenbelt Land Trust, McKenzie River trust and partners, including private landowners (Little Willamette 199ac; Horseshoe Lake 236ac; Harkens Lake 389ac; Green Island 1055ac).
  • Very important area for migratory birds and fish (especially salmonids)

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID WC-07 (Middle Fork Willamette River)
  • 2006 COA ID WV-03 (Willamette River Floodplain)

Protected Areas

  • Alton Baker
  • Anderson Park
  • Beacon Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Blue Ruin Island Willamette River Greenway
  • Blue Ruin Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Bowers Rock State Park
  • Brown's Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Buckskin Mary Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Christensen's Boat Ramp Willamette River Greenway
  • Clearwater Landing
  • Delta Ponds
  • Dexter Reservoir
  • Dexter State Recreation Site
  • Dorris Ranch
  • East Alton Baker
  • East Bank
  • Eastgate Woodlands/Alton Baker Park
  • Elijah Bristow State Park
  • Fall Creek Park
  • Fall Creek Reservoir
  • Franklin
  • Georgia-Pacific Property
  • Glass Bar Access Willamette River Greenway
  • Gravel Bar Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Green Island Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Half Moon Bend Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Half Moon Bend Upstream Willamette River Greenway
  • Halsey Willamette River Greenway
  • Harkens Lake North Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Harkens Lake South Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Hileman Park
  • Hoacum Island Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Hyak County Park
  • Irish Bend County Park
  • Island Park
  • Jasper Bridge Access Willamette River Greenway
  • Jasper State Recreation Site
  • Kiger Island Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Log Jam Access Willamette River Greenway
  • Log Jam Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Lookout Point Lake
  • Lowell Covered Bridge
  • Lowell State Recreation Site
  • Marshall Island Access Willamette River Greenway
  • Marshall Island Landing
  • Maurie Jacobs
  • McCartney Park
  • Millrace Park
  • Mount Pisgah Park
  • Owen Rose Garden
  • Pengra Access Willamette River Greenway
  • Peoria Park
  • Pisgah Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Prefontaine Memorial
  • Rasor
  • River House
  • River Jetty Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • River Road
  • Riverside Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Roger's Bend Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Sam Daws Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Scandia Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Seavy Landing Willamette River Greenway
  • Skinner Butte Park


Strategy Habitats

Specialized Local Habitats

  • Aquatic Vegetation Beds
  • Balds and Bluffs
  • Forest Openings
  • Off-Channel Habitat
  • Spring-fed streams
  • Springs, Seeps, and Headwaters

Strategy Species