Hoary Bat

Hoary Bat Photo Credit: Daniel Neal


  • Species Common Name Hoary Bat
  • Species Scientific Name Lasiurus cinereus
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


    Special needs

    Hoary bats are generally associated with forest habitat. They use late-successional conifer forests for roosting. They require abundant insect prey.

    Limiting factors

    Hoary bats have low reproductive rates and are threatened by habitat loss. Migratory behavior increases this species' vulnerability to habitat changes and wind turbine-related mortality.

    Conservation actions

    Investigate data gaps and use results to guide management actions. Implement impact reduction strategies (e.g., operational minimization) at wind energy facilities to reduce fatalities.

    Key reference or plan

    Johnson & Erickson 2011: Avian, Bat, and Habitat Cumulative Impacts Associated with Wind Energy Development in the Columbia Plateau Ecoregion of Eastern Washington and Oregon ISSSSP Bat Grid Monitoring – Oregon and Washington