Wayside Aster

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture


  • Species Common Name Wayside Aster
  • Species Scientific Name Eucephalus vialis
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Threatened


Special needs

Wayside asters are found in a wide variety of habitat types, including relatively open areas in the understory of mixed coniferous/hardwood forests, along roadsides, and on open slopes and prairie balds.

Limiting factors

Habitat loss and fragmentation have adversely affected wayside aster. Residential development, timber harvesting activities, fire suppression leading to understory brush encroachment, competition from invasive plants, road maintenance, and unregulated off-road vehicle use are among specific threats to this species.

Conservation actions

Limit road maintenance during the growing season at priority sites. Conduct surveys for new populations. Maintain and restore habitat at priority sites.

Key reference or plan

Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Conservation