Middle Owyhee River Area, COA 186

Photo Credit: Philip Milburn, ODFW

This COA is located in the northeast quarter of Malheur County and abuts the Crowley COA to the west. It encompasses Owyhee Lake and River from just east of Mitchell Butte (near the city of Adrian) south to Greeley Bar. Continuing south and east, the COA includes the rugged landscape of Mahogany Mountain, Jordan Craters, Spring Mountain, and Table Mountain as well as the Cow Lakes before ending at the Lava Bends and Jorden Creek at its southern terminus.

COA ID: 186

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

Special Features


  • Columbia Spotted Frog breeding sites
  • High quality Mountain Mahogany and Sagebrush communities in the Mahogany Ridge Area of Critical Environmental Concern, which provides important habitat for many landbird species
  • Owyhee Lake and River
  • Unique volcanic ashbeds provide habitat for rare endemic plant species

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID NBR-13 (Middle Owyhee River area)

Protected Areas

  • Blue Canyon Wilderness Study Area
  • Clarks Butte Wilderness Study Area
  • Coal Mine Basin Research Natural Area
  • Dry Creek Buttes Wilderness Study Area
  • Dry Creek Gorge Area Of Critical Environmental Concern
  • Dry Creek Wilderness Study Area
  • Hammond Hill Sand Hills
  • Honeycombs Research Natural Area
  • Honeycombs Wilderness Study Area
  • Jordan Craters Area Of Critical Environmental Concern
  • Jordan Craters Wilderness Study Area
  • Lake Owyhee State Park
  • Leslie Gulch
  • Lower Owyhee Canyon Wilderness Study Area
  • Mahogany Ridge Research Natural Area
  • Main Owyhee River
  • Owyhee Below Dam
  • Owyhee Breaks Wilderness Study Area
  • Owyhee Reservoir
  • Owyhee Views
  • Owyhee Views Area Of Critical Environmental Concern
  • Slocum Creek Wilderness Study Area


Strategy Habitats

Specialized Local Habitats

  • Canyon Shrublands
  • Caves and Mines
  • Volcanic Ashbeds

Strategy Species