Lake Abert, COA 197

Lake Abert area
Photo Credit: Martyne Reesman, ODFW

Located in central Lake County, this COA encompasses Lake Abert, including the Lake Abert Area of Critical Environmental Concern and portions of the Abert Rim Wilderness Study Area.

COA ID: 197

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

Special Features


  • Abert Rim supports significant numbers of nesting raptors
  • Contains complex mix of open water, flowing water, playas, wet meadows, and springs
  • Lake Abert is the largest saline lake in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most important shorebird habitats in the intermountain West

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID NBR-03 (Lake Abert-Honey Creek area)

Protected Areas

  • Abert Rim
  • Abert Rim Wilderness Study Area
  • Lake Abert
  • Lake Abert Area Of Critical Environmental Concern


Strategy Habitats

Specialized Local Habitats

  • Cliff and Rim Rock
  • Inland Dunes
  • Springs

Strategy Species