Siskiyou Mountains Salamander

Photo Credit: John Clare, Flickr


  • Species Common Name Siskiyou Mountains Salamander
  • Species Scientific Name Plethodon stormi
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


Special needs

Siskiyou Mountains salamanders are strongly associated with talus deposits, rocky outcrops, and cool, moist microhabitats in late-seral forests.

Limiting factors

This species' range is very restricted and limited to forests in the Applegate River drainage in Oregon. These lungless salamanders breathe directly through their skin, so they are particularly vulnerable to desiccation. They are also highly sensitive to disturbance to talus microhabitat or forest overstory.

Conservation actions

Protect high priority conservation sites near existing reserve system lands, given the species' dependence on mature forest cover. Ensure that land use practices retain essential characteristics of talus microhabitat. Consider seasonal activity patterns, and schedule surface activities when the species is not active (October 1-May 30).

Key reference or plan

Conservation Agreement for the Siskiyou Mountains Salamander (Plethodon stormi) in Jackson and Josephine Counties of Southwest Oregon

Life History Traits