Insular Blue Butterfly

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  • Species Common Name Insular Blue Butterfly
  • Species Scientific Name Plebejus saepiolus littoralis
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern


Special needs

Insular blue butterflies typically inhabit wet, open habitat, such as bogs, meadows, and ditches. They also use coastal salt-spray meadows. Clovers serve as important host plants. Conifer trees adjacent to meadows can serve as shelter and windbreaks. This species is currently known to exist at only three sites, two of which are in Oregon (Cape Blanco and Bullards Beach State Parks).

Limiting factors

Insular blue butterflies are vulnerable to habitat loss due to development and habitat alteration due to fire suppression. Invasive vegetation may displace native plants that provide adult nectar sources and larval host plants.

Conservation actions

Protect known sites of occurrence. Restore meadow habitat.

Key reference or plan

The Xerces Society Blues: insular blue (Plebejus saepiolus littoralis)