Franklin’s Bumble Bee

Photo Credit: Peter Schroeder


  • Species Common Name Franklin's Bumble Bee
  • Species Scientific Name Bombus franklini
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern


Special needs

Franklin's bumble bees need a sufficient supply of nectar and pollen throughout the colony season. They use a variety of flowering plants, including lupine, California poppy, horsemint, and penny-royal. These bees require abandoned rodent borrows or clumps of grass for nesting.

Limiting factors

Franklin's bumble bees are vulnerable to habitat loss and alteration. Fire suppression contributes to loss of meadow habitat. Disease, pesticide applications, potential competition with honey bees for floral resources, and climate change present additional threats.

Conservation actions

Since this species has not been seen since 2006, surveys that target historical sites are needed. If B. franklini is found, protect important bumble bee habitat.

Key reference or plan

The Xerces Society: Conserving Bumble Bees