Spring Chinook Salmon, Rogue SMU

Chinook Salmon - Spring/Summer Run
Photo Credit: ODFW


  • Species Common Name Chinook Salmon
  • Species Scientific Name Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
  • State Listing Status Sensitive
  • SMU/ESU/DPS/Subspecies Spring Chinook - Rogue SMU, Southern Oregon/Northern California Coasts ESU


Special needs

Fish species most affected by William Jess Dam/Lost Creek Reservoir. Significant amount of high-quality habitat blocked. Water quality below dam problematic. Corps of Engineers, especially outside of flood control operations, must operate in way that protects spring Chinook to meet its fishery enhancement objective.

Limiting factors

Water quality (changes in flow and temperature that result from reservoir operation). Fish passage (limited amount of spawning habitat). Fishery impacts. Marine survival.

Conservation actions

Continue coordination with Oregon Water Resources to help Corps of Engineers meet its fishery enhancement responsibility through fish-friendly operation and use of stored water. Work with water users on Big Butte Creek to identify and implement streamflow restoration, especially during spring Chinook spawn period. Continue to implement spawning gravel augmentation on Big Butte Creek as supported by monitoring results. Maintain or restore mainstem riparian and floodplain habitat. Continue ongoing restoration efforts involving landowners, tribes, and agency partners (NOAA, NMFS, ODFW, OWEB).

Key reference or plan

Rogue Spring Chinook Conservation Plan Effects of Lost Creek Dam on Spring Chinook Salmon in the Rogue River Phase II (2000) Pacific Coast Salmon Fishery Management Plan