Hoary Elfin Butterfly

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  • Species Common Name Hoary Elfin Butterfly
  • Species Scientific Name Incisalia polia maritima


Special needs

Hoary elfin butterflies typically occupy sites on coastal bluffs. They are closely associated with the kinnikinnick host plant. This subspecies is known from only three sites globally, and two of these are in Oregon (Pistol River State Park and Driftwood Beach State Wayside).

Limiting factors

With their narrow distribution (subspecies is endemic), hoary elfin butterflies are vulnerable to habitat loss due to development and habitat alteration due to fire suppression. Invasive vegetation may displace native plants that provide adult nectar sources and larval host plants.

Conservation actions

Protect habitat known to support hoary elfin butterflies. Restore coastal bluff grasslands.

Key reference or plan

The Xerces Society Elfins: seaside hoary elfin (Incisalia polia maritima)