Siletz Bay, COA 021

Siletz Bay
Photo Credit: Doug Cottam, ODFW

The Siletz estuary is a diverse and complex habitat system, occupied by numerous fish and wildlife species.

COA ID: 021

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Mid Coast Watersheds Council
  • Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • US Forest Service

Special Features


  • Bald Eagle Nest Site
  • Band Tailed Pigeon Spring
  • Coastal chinook rearing habitat
  • Coastal coho rearing habitat
  • Waterfowl migration and wintering habitat

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID CR-15 (Siletz Bay)

Protected Areas

  • Gleneden Beach State Recreation Site
  • Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge
  • Siuslaw National Forest


Strategy Habitats

Specialized Local Habitats

  • Aquatic vegetation Beds
  • Bays
  • Intertidal mudflats
  • Off channel habitat
  • Sand Spit

Strategy Species